I was sitting here today watching the light fall on my sleeping daughter as the rain fell heavily outside. I started wondering what the rain drops would look like if I froze them. In the process of photographing the bouncing rain drop I… noticed the striations in the droplets of standing water on the balcony railing. What are they and what is causing them? I don’t know to be honest. I think they might be reflections of scratches in the metal.



What do you think they are in the image below?

Finally the rain cleared so I went out to Jing’an Temple in the afternoon where the sun rays beamed through the moody sky’s. It’s always a fun place to photograph because of the contrasting architecture around the wooden temple and all the different characters running around inside it. I also find it a very difficult place to photograph. I rarely get an image I like.

Recently I have tried some slower shutter speeds like the one below to try and isolate a subject of interest from everything else.