Finland has always been dear to my heart as I spent many childhood summers there playing in the forests and swimming in the lakes. This past summer I returned for a family re-union on the shores of lake…. Leppaselka just outside the small town of Mikkeli. It was a beautiful spot with the traditional wood fired sauna right on the lake shore. I think I ate more smoked sausages during those ten days than the entire previous three years.

During the mornings we had a steady breeze which was good for sailing. We only had a rowing boat so we converted it to a sailing boat with an ore, some string and a tarpaulin.


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At sunset the wind was gone and we would see these amazing skies, high altitude clouds glowing with the warm sunlight which looked like fire.

Here is an animated version of this image for you to check out. The moving clouds give a much better representation of how it was to actually be there over this still image.

travel, explore, finland, photography

It was late summer in Finland, cool in the evenings and we had the occasional rain shower. After one particular shower I looked up to see this full rainbow with one end in front of the tree line and the other behind. The most remarkable think was that it remained there in all its vibrant glory for 30 minutes.


This is a real Finnish Fisherman. She said “don’t take my picture while I’m fishing or you won’t get any dinner”. I went hungry.