Off to the United Arab Emirates. The schedule worked better for me to fly from Japan to Dubai through Hong Kong. I flu with Cathay Pacific and saw my first Airbus A350 looking very dapper in their  livery. You never know I might get a chance to fly one of these myself one day.I have been out to the middle east before but this time I want to share some pictures with you and tour around a little bit.

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With it being Ramadan I made sure I was well fed and watered prior to my arrival in Dubai. You can only eat and drink when the sun is below the horizon during the holy month.

The only way to get around town is by car and make sure you have a GPS and wear a helmet. My friend Jason Piper gave me this Google map which shows some good spots for taking pictures so I’m giving it to you. Get the corner table here at the Bice Mare restaurant and you can watch the water/light show while dinning on the local cuisine. The sweat Carob juice was my favourite. The restaurant is directly across from the iconic Burj Khalifa which you can ascend after dinner for a night panorama of the city.

United Arab Emirates,Dubai,Travel,Explore,Photography,UAE

Spend a day at the Jumera  hotel and enjoy the pool and the beach. I defiantly recommend ‘The Meat Co’ an exceptional Argintine steak and some giant tiger prawns, if you go for the ‘surf and turf’. After dark you can enjoy the reflected light of the illuminated Burj Al Arab out across the water.

United Arab Emirates,Travel,Explore,Photography,Dubai,UAE,Burj Al Arab

Get out of Dubai and drive an hour southwest to Abu Dhabi. Just before you get there you can visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It’s amazing architecture will defiantly not disappoint. Go inside and checkout the amazing chandelier.

Grand Mosque,United Arab Emirates,Abu Dhabi,Travel,Explore,Photography,UAE


If your up for a staying in a five star ‘tent’ in the desert then drive west from the Grand Mosque towards Al Ain. It’s about a one hour and twenty minute drive. Stay in the Telal Resort Go hiking on the surrounding dunes, ride a camel or bounce around them in an air-conditioned SUV until your sick. My favourite was the fat tire biking. Just go straight down and don’t try and turn. It was 47 degrees celsius outside so when you fall in the sand you get up real quick.

Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates,Travel,Explore,Photography,UAE

United Arab Emirates,UAE,Travel,Explore,Photography,Al Ain,Telal Resort

On my way home again I spent a few more hours in Hong Kong airport. It’s a fun place to take pictures.

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