The Green Light Cafe in Fisherman’s Village is owned and run by my friend Patrick. It is part of the Elysia Boutique Resort. On the surface it’s a coffee shop and eatery that has a…. full menu created by chief Anastasia Khmelovets which is served all day and night. Hang around for a week and you will meet all kinds of like minded people from around the world who are trying to build community and educate about living from the land we live on and not wasting and polluting the world we live in.  It also hosts a yoga and dance studio plus has 14 rooms available for rent at a very reasonable price. Located on the south end of ‘Fisherman’s Village’ main street about 100m from the beach. It’s an ideal location for those staying in the Bophut Beach area of Koh Samui. They roast their own coffee, which being quit the coffee conisyuour myself is really good. Make sure you try the Bio Fizz which is produced by friends on Samui.


Green Light Cafe,Travel,Food,Explore,Samui

They have the most delicious light chocolate cake and herbal tea.

Green Light Cafe,Travel,Explore,Samui

Taking pictures of reflections is always fun. Sometimes you can get your head out of the shot but you still have to have the camera and your hand in it.

Show up at 8am for breakfast and you can have all kinds of fresh island fruit and good eats. I was partial to the salmon and free range eggs.

Green Light Cafe,Travel,Explore,Thailand,Samui

Check out the Green Light Cafe on  Facebook page and make a point to stop by when your in Koh Samui, Thailand.