Thailand again. This time of year it’s hot. I got up early to beat the heat for daily yoga classes and managed a few bike rides as the sun was setting. Most of my time was spent cooling down in my pool I met up with an old friend Patrick down on…. the island of Koh Samui. He runs the ‘Green Light Cafe’ which I will post more about in a few days when I’m back in Japan. He has now added a yoga studio and is offering yoga retreats along with a detox program newly up and running. I was happy to see a party of 25 Japanese tourists staying at his place. He did live in Japan for 20 years teaching Japanese history to post grad students so he knows a thing or two about Japan and it’s culture.


Last night with W hotel was having a movie night and had a big screen set up on the beach. Watching ‘Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark’  took me back a few years. It’s neat to be reminded how things were before CGI. Before the movie we decided to take advantage of the W’s W and practice a little yoga. If your in a pinch and need a little ‘fill’ light the ‘torch’ function on your iPhone works great.


Thailand has amazing sunrises and sunsets almost everyday. I took this one last month while down here from my bed.


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  1. Thanks for this super easy tutorial. Can’t wait to try it – and I will. When looking at SCS every day, your creations seem to draw my eye to your beautiful artwork. I would have had no idea that you had2#&8n17;t taken any art classes. You’re a natural!! Thanks for sharing.

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