You land in China and the first thing that hit’s you when you step of the plane is the amount of people, the second thing is…. how busy they all are. The rate of change in China is truly incredible but to what end? They are multiplying and building with an alarming housing bubble and we know what happens when they burst. I like the mix of really old things and shinny new things. This first image was taken in the ‘old town’ in the city of Chengdu in western China. Walking around in the rain eating all kinds of strange things I came upon this deserted bar. The chairs just standing there while all the people rushed by playing on their iPhones. The warm lights in the street and the incredible textures made me stop for a moment to take it all in. No time for tripods so I put my camera on a table and fired off my long bracketed long exposures. I love taking pictures in the rain, wait I like images that I took while it was raining. Sometimes the whole juggling act of camera, tripod and umbrella can get a little unruly.

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This ‘old part’ of town lies in stark contrast to the new and shinny. This is the Shanghai Tower. It twist’s it’s way into the heavens and is the highest structure on the Shanghai skyline.

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Shanghai Tower

I climbed the building next to it with some friends and had a peak down. It’s a long way down. Even the really tall skyscrapers look tiny when viewed from way up here. I hope your not afraid of heights.

The vastness of the country is also impressive. I will go back and travel more around the Kumming area. This is where Trey Ratcliff took this incredible shot. The story of how he took it must me herd from him in person to give it full impact. As you can see I am a big fan of wide angle lenses.  I would say I use my Sony 24-70mm about 80% of the time. It’s high quality and of course plays well with the A7RII.

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I am trying to get my hands on some Pixel King Wireless TTL Flash Triggers but they are not available. Does anyone know where I can get some?