She was serving rabbit head. I did not quit have the stomach for it so I just took a picture and moved on through the small streets of Chengdu’s old town. I spent a week in western China mostly in Chengdu with a trip out to see the Dujiangyan Irrigation System and another one to visit the Panda bears before flying south to the beach on Hainan island. This is my friend Jia who is a talented photographer and world traveler. Check out her work here.


Pop down to the water front when your in Shanghai at night and grab a quick snap of the city all lit up from the ‘Bund’.


Shanghai Lights

I took the train through the tunnel to the other side and took a picture of the Shanghai tower. It’s the tallest building in China.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower

This project was initiated 2000 years ago and while China has no shortage of people it’s sill big job with a wheel barrow and a shovel. I climbed up a tower attached to a temple on the hill for this sweeping panorama. A little tricky in the mid day sun but it was fun and that is the name of the game.

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