Sony A7RII

Even after living here for several years Japan still surprises me. Last night I took my new Sony A7RII out on it’s first photowalk. I was sitting outside an American style dinner which had ‘Hot Rod’s’ parked in front of it, setting up for a picture of this roller coaster you see in the background. To my surprise when I turned back around, this young girl is just sitting there on the… hood of the car. It was really dark and this picture was taken at ISO 5000, yes that is three zeros. Amazing Sony machine. I purchased the Sony A7 when it first came out thinking that it would rule the Sony full frame world for a while. I was dead wrong as Sony kept on unleashing camera after camera in a short period of time. Not just that but with significant improvements to each new model culminating in the A7RII.

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Earlier in the day while there was still light  walked past this old wooden building. Curious, I popped my head inside the open door to take a look. It was a laundry. The place was packed to the gills with clothes, press’s and sowing machines and in the midst of all off it sat this elegant old woman in her 90’s. After a short dialogue I found out the business had been started after the second world war and running for over 50 years.


Sony, my hat is off to you and I look forward to many more photowalks and surprises.