It’s time again to jump on a flight and head home after a week in Koh Samui enjoying the beach and a different cultures perspective on life. A healthy week of yoga and exercise plus some wicked Thai green curry has me charged up and ready for work again. Throughout last week I saw… this guy going to work everyday and he always had this big smile on his face. Here he is starting his work day by transporting all his produce down the beach to his regular selling spot. It made me smile ever time I saw him and buy a super fresh concoction of assorted fruits. Smiling is infectious and a good daily practice regardless of how you feel. It sets intention and that can produce fruit in the form of action.


No one likes to do laundry while on holiday so before leaving I pop down to the end of the street where a local woman runs a small laundry. She always greets me with a big smile and she does not speak a word of english but that does not matter at all. As I’m about to leave her young daughter comes out of the front door and waves to me. She has the most amazing eyes and again a smile. It’s what keeps me coming back to this island.