Good sashimi. While out exploring in Izumisano I walked down an old covered street. I stopped to take a photography of this fisherman’s store and he invited me in for lunch, no charge. I don’t think they see many foreigners chowing down on sashimi because his mother who was hiding in the back of the store came out to see me eat. I ate all the tuna they had left. In return… for lunch I will print this image and go back and give it to him.


To follow up on this story, a month later I did go back and gave him a printed copy of this image. Needless to say he gave me more Sashimi which I love. It would be fun to go back to the times before currency and use the trade and bartering system for our every day lives. It would help a lot with our current breakdown in human connection and disassociated communication.

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  1. It is a beautiful picture and he will be thrilled with the print. I bet you’ll get more sashimi.

    1. Arigato, are you feeling better? I made some funny printing mistakes this past week and learned a lot much to the consternation of the local camera shop owner. I think he said in Japanese, “Gijin, go home and study about image sizes for printing, DPI and cropping and when you figure it out come back and I will print your images for you”

  2. Now, you’ve gone and made me hungry.

    1. My job is done. As the famous street photographer John Free would say if you mange to emotionally effect or move the viewer by them having seen your image then your job is done.

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